Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target Scores

Instead of Five under $5 today, I'm showing you what I've been saving my Blow Money up for for a couple of months! I was super excited when I heard about the latest designer collaboration with Target, Missoni for Target. They are a legendary Italian brand, and I've always thought their bright patterns and color combinations were beautiful. But obviously, an $800 sweater is not in my price range right now (nor would I ever pay that much even if I had the money!) So when the lookbooks came out a while back, I figured out what I wanted to get my hands on. Little did I know there would be a line outside my store yesterday morning before it opened, and it was a stampede to get in! The debut even brought down the Target website. I'm glad I got there early, and was able to get almost everything I had been hoping for!

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