Friday, September 16, 2011

Finance Fridays: Opening a Roth

Well, I did it! I talked about my reasons for opening a Roth IRA in this post. Well, I went ahead and did it, and now I'm wondering what I waited so long for! After researching our different options, we decided to go with USAA, who we have our homeowner's and car insurance with, and we also have a credit card with (that we don't use! I promise!). The fees seemed to be lower than opening with an independent brokerage firm or with T. Rowe Price, who my husband's retirement plan is with, and we also wanted to to try to streamline the number of accounts we have at different places. Plus, we've always been happy with the customer service at USAA. And it was super easy – it took less than 5 minutes online. Now, I'm just tweaking our budget to actually fund it.

Have a great weekend!

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