Friday, September 2, 2011

Finance Fridays: Net Worth for August

Since this Finance Friday finds us at the beginning of a new month, I thought I’d share something we keep track of ourselves at the end of every month. I calculate our net worth each month, both as a way to track our assets and liabilities, but also to help us set goals for ourselves. And it’s a whole lot of fun to watch that number climb each month, which is what usually happens. But, that’s not what happened this month. Even though we saved a little into our savings account, and paid a little more off on our mortgage, we were still down this month because of that darn stock market!

There are lots of different ways to keep track of your net worth. Some people include cars or other assets, but since our cars are paid off, I just keep them out of net worth calculations for simplicity’s sake.  Here's hoping that next month, we'll be in the positive! Have a great weekend!

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