Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchen Tip: How to Bake Bacon

I may be the last person on earth to know about this, but I came across this tip yesterday that was just too good not to share. Do you know about baking bacon? I found it less messy than pan frying, and the bacon came out more crisp and bacon-y and less soggy and fatty. I followed the instructions in this post, but here's the rundown:

1. Place aluminum foil on a rimmed baking sheet. Make sure the edges of the foil go up the sides of the baking sheet.
2. Spread out your pieces of bacon flat so that none overlap.
3. Set your oven to 400 and put the pan in. You don't need to preheat. According to some of the comments I read, it's better when you don't preheat.
4. Cook for 12-17 minutes. Mine only needed to cook for 12, but that will depend on the thickness of the bacon.
5. Remove and set cooked bacon on a paper towel to drain.
6. Eat!

You can even cook a bigger batch and refrigerate the cooked bacon, then use it crumbled on salads or baked potatoes, heat it up for breakfast, or use it on a BLT the next day. Hooray for bacon!

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