Friday, August 12, 2011

Finance Fridays: Keeping it Simple

When I was in college, fine art majors were allowed to take a Philosophy class called "Logic" instead of having to take college Algebra. Which I used to tell myself was a compliment, because my brain found it easier to understand logic than the alternative, Algebra. I could better grasp what was logical than proofs and theoroms. Or are proofs in Geometry? As you can see, I think this was a good move on the university's part - because if they hadn't come up with this little bypass, I'd probably still be in school trying to pass Algebra. So although I love personal finance, I've really grown to hate when pundits on the news start yapping about the numbers just in from the labor department, or the numbers behind the S&P downgrade. My eyes glaze over, my mind wanders. What I want to know is, in simple terms, how those numbers affect me!

So I was interested when I saw this video about the national debt crisis posted at Blonde and Balanced. Although I think it oversimplifies a few things, the way it's explained is "logical" to me! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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